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Stock list of steel pipes and materials

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Stock List

Steel pipes in a wide variety are cut to desired lengths by request.

Round pipe for mechanical structures (STKM)
Angle pipe for mechanical structures (STKMR)
Round pipe for general structures (STK/STK polishing)
Square pipe for general structures (STKR/STKR color)
Round pipe for fittings (SGP/SGP polishing)
Lightweight precision round pipe (SLP)
Plating angle pipe
Plating round pipe
Flat wire (round)
Flat wire (square)
Ellipse pipe (flat)
Ellipse pipe (oval)
Ellipse pipe (round type)
Ellipse pipe (semicircle)
Ellipse pipe (1/4 circle)
Connecting pipe
Angle (angle color)
Net (steel)
Net (dexterity claws)
Flat bar (FB/FB polishing)
Round bar (polishing)
Square bar (polishing)
Round seat
Hemisphere cap
Stretch guide
Long elbow


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